You can upload any size asset files and comfortably start, stop, and resume your upload without any interruptions.

  • Kind
    • Choose either Main Video, Trailer, or Other Video.
  • Spoken Language
    • Choose the primary language that is spoken in this video.
  • File
    • Here you can upload and view the video asset. Do you own a large catalog of films? Refer to this article for help.
  • Description
    • This is just a short description about your video
  • Notes
    • Optional: add any notes you think we should know about that are specific to this video asset.

Chapters & Ad Breaks

Minimum one chapter every 8-12 minutes. These serve as chapter markers and ad breaks. Typically 10-12 chapters total, but this is flexible. Chapter 1 is timecode 00:00:00;00. Chapter 2 timecode corresponds to the first in-movie advertisement break, and so on. No ad breaks during end credits. Thumbnail time is the image used for each chapter thumbnail. Time and Thumbnail Time should be in the form: HH:MM:SS;ff

  • Name
  • Time
  • Thumbnail Time

Text Tracks (Captions & Subtitles)

Upload subtitles/captions in SRT or SCC format. The frame rate is required for SCC files.

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