Known bugs and limitations

The new Filmhub webapp is built from ground up and launched currently with somewhat minimum features. While we realize this initial version has limitations, we wanted to introduce the new platform early and are working to implement many new features, including some you might be used to from the old version. Please stay tuned.

Here we keep track of known bugs and limitations. Please don't hesitate to report more!

Description Fixed
Case sensitivity issue causing some password reset emails to fail


Ad breaks format causing a saving error 2017/6/13
Some videos can't be played after upload 2017/6/14
Video playback error in Safari 2017/7/1
Upload doesn't start in Safari 2017/7/1
Saving mailing address in Payment Settings causes an error 2017/8/10 
For titles migrated over from the old system, "Other Images" section might contain incorrect images  

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