Filmhub standard asset package

If you haven't decided on the delivery specs for the titles you will receive from Filmhub, below are the specs of a standard Filmhub asset package. We create these based on the requirements from various streaming services and we think they might just work for your platform.


  • H264, mp4 container
  • Pixel format: yuv420p
  • Bitrate at ~10Mbps for 1080p
  • AAC stereo audio, 48kHz, 192kbps
  • Trailers included


  • JPEG images
  • Portrait 3x4 - 1200x1600 pixels
  • Landscape 16x9 - 600x338 pixels

Caption files

  • SubRip format (.srt)
  • UTF-8 text encoding


  • YAML metadata file
  • Included fields: 
    • Title name
    • Tagline
    • Description
    • Format
    • Genre
    • Rating
    • Running time
    • Release date
    • Available date/expiration date
    • Tags
    • Country of origin
    • Audio language
    • Cast & crew
    • List of files
    • SKU (Filmhub ID)

File naming

  • /{SKU}-{Title name}/
    • {SKU}-{Title name}-main.mp4
    • {SKU}-{Title name}-trailer.mp4
    • {SKU}-{Title name}-1200x1600.jpg
    • {SKU}-{Title name}-600x338.jpg
    • {SKU}-{Title name}-{language code}.srt
    • {SKU}-{Title name}-metadata.yaml
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