Flix Premiere - Description, Curation, Go Live Time, Territories, How They Stream Your Title, Pay Rate

Flix Premiere is a TVOD streaming service based in the UK. Marketed as "the NetFlix for forgotten films", they provide exclusive indie movies.


Flix Premiere is a curated streaming service.

Go Live Time

After Filmhub delivers your title to Flix Premiere, it can take 2 - 4 weeks or more to process on their end before it goes live. (Please note this is an estimate. Filmhub has no control over the time it takes Flix Premiere to go live with your title).

Flix Premiere Territories

  • United States
  • United Kingdom

How Flix Premiere Streams Your Title

Flix Premiere is a TVOD streaming service.

Pay Rate (How Much Flix Premiere Pays You)

Flix Premiere pays an upfront flat fee for exclusive rights in the UK & the US, plus 50% of the TVOD revenue.

Filmhub then pays you 80% of the net (refer to Royalty split).

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