Can you recommend a company that does captioning service?

Based in San Francisco, REV (rebranded from ZenCaptions) uses a worldwide network of professional “captioners.” You simply upload your film to them - or send them a link to the film online - pay with a credit card, and you’re done. Cost is $1/minute, which is incredibly good value…roughly a hundred bucks for a feature film. They send you the captions file in the format you choose (.srt, timed text. .scc, etc.)

If you have a film on Filmhub, just make sure the version you send them has identical timecode to the master you’ve uploaded to us. In our experience they do a great job. But you should still do your own Quality Control (QC) – open the file in a text editor and re-edit until you’re 100% satisfied. Maybe your script says “I’m going to join the Foreign Legion” and the actor says “I’m gonna join the Foreign Legion.” The captioners will have to choose one option, and you may want the other. Trust, but verify – they only claim 98% accuracy!

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