What do I need to submit?

A main video and a trailer, in the highest quality available (our video specs). You can easily and securely upload via the Filmhub web app.

Once you start uploading you’ll see the metadata forms to input all data required to distribute your film. Metadata includes: title, release dates, synopsis, sales pitch, genres, company info, copyright, festivals & awards, rating, etc. We’ve designed it to be comprehensive, intuitive and simple.

3 different sized poster images. Our artwork specs.

Closed Captions – English language titles
For all English language titles, we require Closed Captions in the main audio language of the film, uploaded as a separate .SRT file. Most VOD outlets (e.g. iTunes, Amazon Prime, all cable VOD) will NOT accept titles without captions. We define Closed Captions as Subtitles plus atmospherics, i.e. the dialog plus references to other significant audio, noises, sound effects - for example “sound of gunshots outside”.

For non-English titles, we require English subtitles uploaded as a separate SRT or SCC file – not burned into the image.

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