Foreign language?

There are several challenges with foreign language titles. Ideally whenever foreign languages are involved, we would like to have clean video assets (no burned-in subtitles) with 3 separate text tracks:

  • English subtitles for ONLY non-English dialogue
  • English closed captions for EVERYTHING BUT non-English dialogue (English dialogue and atmospherics)
  • A "complete" English closed caption file. A sum of the two above (all dialogue and atmospherics)

This would give us enough flexibility to handle different requirements that various streaming services have. For example, we can burn in the English subtitles and deliver closed captions separately.

However, most filmmakers don't have all 3. Thus we can accept one of the below solutions:

  • Clean main video with only English subtitles, if your title is entirely in a foreign language
  • Clean main video with only English closed captions. You might upgrade the English subtitles to proper closed captions, by adding atmospherics
  • Burned-in English subtitles for non-English dialogue and separate closed captions (avoid overlap with burned-in lines), if your title is mostly in English

We are glad to help if none of the above works for you. Please let us know.

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