When and how do I get paid?

Most VOD outlets pay quarterly, 60 or more days after the end of the quarter. e.g. for Q2 2015 (Apr-Jun) Kinonation gets paid at the end of August, which is Q3. Kinonation must then consolidate the disparate sales reporting from each outlet into a single sales report for each content owners, showing each title with sales broken down by rentals, purchases, etc. We require time to consolidate these reports and make payments to filmmakers. So you can expect your sales statement & payment after the end of the quarter in which we receive the revenue. This is standard throughout the film & TV industry. 

In summary:

  • most VOD outlets pay quarterly
  • Kinonation gets paid 60+ days after the end of the quarter. i.e. revenue booked in the quarter it's received
  • Kinonation consolidates reports and pays content owners
  • Expect sales statement & payment after the end of each quarter
  • Kinonation pays only via PayPal, ensure your PayPal email address is in your film record
  • We cannot pay without completed IRS form W-9 (U.S. residents) or W-8BEN (non-U.S. residents.)
  • More information on withholding tax in following sections.


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