What is Filmhub?

Filmhub is an on-demand web service providing VOD distribution with pay-as-you-go pricing. It makes it easy and affordable to sell & stream your titles on VOD Outlets worldwide, including Amazon, Hulu and many more.

In addition, the service provides the tools needed to digitally manage title catalogs of any size. Video assets are archived in our secure and compliant Cloud Storage. With Cloud Catalog Sales Tools, titles can be marketed, promoted and delivered to the content owners global partners. Cloud Royalty Accounting consolidates sales data from every retailer or sub-distributor worldwide into a single dashboard. Royalties are centrally collected and can be disbursed anytime. Reports can be filtered, sorted and visualized.

All these features are provided via a simple to use website and its powerful cloud backend.

Content owners – from Indie filmmakers to sales agent to studios – benefit from Filmhub as the one place to reach billions of potential viewers, simply and inexpensively. You pay only on success. There are no upfront or minimum fees and commitments.

Using Filmhub, you can add VOD Distribution to any of your titles and territories in a matter of minutes. Only because of its scalable, highly automated cloud technology with minimal human intervention, Filmhub can make benefits previously deemed impossible in the Industry affordable for any content owner.


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