How to download assets from the Filmhub Cloud

Downloading from the Filmhub Cloud is easy. You can use any AWS S3 client you like - we'll be using the Cyberduck application here, which is freely available for both Mac and Windows. After the installation of Cyberduck and a one-time setup, you are ready to download.

Here are the detailed instructions. Step 1) only need to be done once.

  1. Install Cyberduck
    • Download Cyberduck from the Cyberduck website, following either the Mac or Windows download button to download the installer
      • Mac: after the download is complete, unzip the .zip file and move the Cyberduck application into your Application folder
      • Windows: after the download is complete, run the Cyberduck Installer executable
    • Cyberduck is not affiliated nor supported by Filmhub. In case of installation issues, there is more help on the Cyberduck Support website.
  2. Connect to the Filmhub Cloud
    • Open Cyberduck
    • Click Open Connection button on the tool bar
    • Enter connection details in the pop up window:
      • Protocol (①): choose S3 (Amazon Single Storage Service)
      • Server (②), Username (③) and Password (④): enter as provided by Filmhub
      • Leave Anonymous Login (⑤) unchecked
    • Hit Connect
    • You'll see the folder (called bucket) Filmhub assigned to you. You're now connected.
  3. Download assets
    • Open the folder (delivery-filmhub or similar) by double-clicking 
    • Browse and find the assets you want to download
    • To download, double-click the file(s)
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