Hulu - Description, Curation, Go Live Time, Territories, How They Stream Your Title, Pay Rate

Hulu is one of the top AVOD-SVOD streaming services. They offer a selection of TV shows, clips, movies, and other streaming media on, to nearly 9 million subscribers (as of April 2016, according to 


Hulu is a curated streaming service. Based on our experience, Hulu is very focused on acquiring content that meets their internal criteria, which might includes but not limited to high IMDB rating, featuring recognized talents, awards at top tier film festivals, etc.

Go Live Time

After Kinonation delivers your title to Hulu, it can take 2 - 4 weeks or more to process on their end. (Please note this is an estimate. Kinonation has no control over the time it takes Hulu to go live with your title).

Hulu publishes new content once every month. After a title is processed, it will go live on the first Thursday of the following month. Assuming a 2 - 4 weeks Hulu process time (see above), if a title is delivered in late January it's likely to go live on the first Thursday of March.

Hulu Territories

  • United States (including its overseas territories)
  • Japan

How Hulu Streams Your Title

Hulu offers both AVOD and SVOD service:

  • AVOD: Hulu non-subscribers can watch non-subscription content for free, with commercials
  • SVOD: Hulu subscribers can watch all content on Hulu for either $7.99/month with limited commercials, or $11.99/month with no commercials

By default, titles we deliver to Hulu are available for both AVOD and SVOD sales.

Pay Rate (How Much Hulu Pays You)

The revenue you get is based on how much your title gets watched. Each stream earns you a share of Hulu’s advertising revenue. The actual amount varies and depends on the ratio of advertising revenue and your percentage of the total number of streams on Hulu in a given month.

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